Add random swimming action and vibration to trolling flies,soft baits and lures.
ActionDiscs for salmon trolling

The principal of chaos...

ActionDiscs do not produce the same rhythmic mechanical action as "crankbait lip" devices or spinner blades.

As the bait is drawn through the water, pressure builds on the cupped front surface of the disc. When the pressure reaches a point of instability the disc turns to release it. This is where chaos enters in. Because the ActionDisc is perfectly symmetrical, the direction the disc tilts to dump the pressure is completely up to chance. It can go up, down, left, right or any degree from its center axis.

Once the disc decides which direction it will tilt, the tube on the back of the disc acts as a lever, bending the line in the opposite direction and pulling the front of the bait with it.

Once the water pressure is released the disc rights itself and begins again. Depending on the speed of the retrieve this process can take place anywhere from 3 times per second on a slow retrieve up to 15 times per second at a trolling speed of 4mph.



Why is random better?

The random action and vibration produced by ActionDiscs tap into an instinct shared by all predators. The instinct that allows Wolves to select a single Caribou from a herd of thousands, or causes Lions to chase their prey at a slow lope...they are looking for that one animal that moves differently...the stumbling gate of the wounded, sick, weak or young.

ActionDiscs for kokanee, trout and salmon trolling


The sonic dinner bell...

Sound and vibration travels faster and to a greater distance in water than in does through the air. The receptor cells in the lateral lines of fish allow them to feel vibrations in the water from a long distance. Ever make a cast into muddy pond or lake and have a school of carp 20 yards away spook in a splashy display and scare the hell out of you? The random action the disc produces for your bait or fly is also transmitted as vibration. Not the steady, mechanical zzzz-zzzz-zzzz of a spinner blade or swish-swish-swish of a crankbait... but the random vibration of something wounded, sick, or weak.

ActionDiscs for kokanee, trout and muskie trolling


Sound up or glow home!

There has been a lot of hype in the last several years on the benefits of "glow-in-the-dark" and "UV". It is a proven fact that ultraviolet light is visible to fish at deeper depths and the vast array of UV lures and baits have no doubt helped anglers catch more fish. However...Anglers who envision their UV bait or lure brightly shinning in 100ft of water tend to overlook one critical detail not addressed in clinical studies... water clarity. Yes fish can see your UV lure much deeper in the water, as long as the water you are fishing is as clear as Gin. Both UV light and the fishes vision are obscured drastically by particulates (algae, sediment) in most real world situations. ActionDiscs generate vibration that catch fish in heavily stained water.

ActionDiscs for kayak trolling


Versatile Rigging Options

ActionDiscs are available in three sizes to run everything from small Kokanee hoochies to big plastic Striper baits!

ActionDiscs for kokanee, trout and salmon trolling


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