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Frequently Asked Questions





What is the recommended trolling speed for ActionDiscs?


It depends on what you are fishing for. ActionDiscs begin to work at extremely slow speeds.


Most Kokanee, Lake Trout and Walleye anglers troll ActionDiscs at between .75 and 1.5 mph.


Trout, Chinook Salmon, Pike and Musky at speeds between 1.5 and 2.5 mph.


Coho Salmon, Striped Bass, Tarpon and Snook at 2.5 - 3.5 mph.



Why the new delta shape for the ActionDisc?



Our original ActionDisc was round. Though it performed well for the most part it had one weakness.

When using the disc with slick baits (like very smooth plastic worms), the disc could turn backwords and get stuck. This happened because the bait did not have enough water resistance (drag) to pull on the stem of the disc and right it.


The new delta design eliminates this issue by allowing water to flow through the arc areas to create turblance that will not let the disc get stuck and plane. This allows the disc to be used with a broader range of bait sizes as well.



Why is the ActionDisc in my rig spinning on the line?


A spinning disc is almost alwas the result of using very light lb test line. Light line, especially Florocarbon with it's narrow diameter, leaves too much slack inside the stem tube. The slack in the tube combined with the lack of any stifness of the line itself allows the disc to tilt to far out of a 90 degree angle to line and the disc will spin.


Avoid using mono below:

6lb test for the ActionDisc #1,

12lb for the ActionDisc #2

20lb for ActionDisc #3.










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