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ActionDisc - Angler Reviews




best salmon rig




Bass Flukes -


jerry thao Aug 29, 2014,

There is a lot of action. Ive won two bass tournaments this yr by using the action disc. I rigged it Carolina style with flukes n swim baits. Fishing 28 ft of semi-stained water. Dropped it all the way to the bottom n slowly retrieving it. My biggest bass (6lbs 8oz) came from the drop. First yr ordering n first using. I recommend it to everyone. Exception of the guys im fishing against.







best salmon rig



Oregon King Salmon -


Hi Dean,

Caught these salmon on 7/16/13 out of Brookings, OR. I was using the Action Disc II in front of an anchovy with a bait roller. The larger one was 32 Lbs. Great Product!! Thanks

Mike St John
Medford, OR










kokanee bugs with ActionDisc






Trout Lures -


March 1, 2013


I just wanted to thank you for your

dedication to quick shipping. Also, your products ROCK, which is evidenced from

my 4 orders this week. We fish every

weekend in Northern California and your products yield great results on rainbows, browns and bass. I'll take some pictures

of my rigs for you. Thanks again for a

great product and customer service.


Bruce R. Grove Jr.

Sacramento, CA






fluke rig with ActionDisc



Fluke Rigs -


I purchased just the Disc at the NJ Saltwater Expo a few years ago and just last year I was watching underwater video of a Flounder chasing bait. I realized they, like bass need that action to really get them hitting, I slid them in front of a 4" squid rig and limited out on nice size flounder while the guy next to me caught a few very undersized fish.
Fluke are aggressive when chasing bait and until I'd seen the video I guess I never thought about adding action to my bait for fluke.
I just tied this seasons rigs and with luck I'll send proof pics this year. Keep up with the great products.

Michael Parisano







Shad lures


Shad Rigs -


Dean, last July i contacted you about your action disk for the use on shad in my home river the American river here in Sacramento Ca. You sent me some ActionDiscs, but shad season was over, so i wated till this year to use them and I must tell you that it is a awsome unit using it from a drift boat in the American river for shad . It seams i am the only guide on the river catching shad from a drift boat. I am sending some photos of a coulpe of shad and your action disk. I will send more in the future. Thanks for a great shad fishing product.
 Russ Strickland

Lake Chelan lake trout lures




Lake Trout Baits -

Dean,All four of our guides whole heartedly indorse your product and use it in our demonstration booth on Lake Chelan and in our seminars. The state record Lake Trout ( 35lbs 7 oz) was caught here in Lake Chelan back in 2003. We feel your ActionDisc may be part of the next record.Yours trulyAlan Brooks


Darrel & Dads Guide Service









best Bass baits


Bass Baits -


Bass fishing was never so much fun as my first experience using your Wigglefin propack.  Photo enclosed was taken after my third cast with my new Wigglefin disc.  This 11lb 4 oz beauty was followed in less than 1 hour by another giant weighing in at 10 lbs 2 oz.  These giant largemouth bass are not rare in this particular lake but two over ten pounds and 4 others in the 5 to 7 pounds were a special treat. If the Wigglefin works as well again tomorrow, I may have to sell my old tackle box .
Dave Herlong
Merritt Island, Florida







super fluke

How to Rig Video

Rigging ActionDiscs
for casting and trolling
soft plastic baits.


how to use tube flies

How to Rig Video

Rigging ActionDiscs
for casting and trolling
Tube Flies & Bucktails.




From: Forums

I've used wiggle fins for many years and have had a lot of success using them. When I don't want to use a dodger then I use a wiggle fin. I normally use the clear ones. Anything that does not impart action on its own such as a fly, threaded worm, grub, etc. the wigglefin or action disc works great. The website shows how much difference it provides in action on a fly without a wiggle fin and one with one. Big difference.

One trick I learned to use is to put the wiggle fin on your line first and then use a bobber stop (pre-tied thread) on your line about an inch above your hook. This helps the wiggle fin move more freely and it provides much more action to your presentation. Got that trick from Tim Noxon a.ka. FishTraveler Guide Service at Eagle Lake.

If you push the wiggle fin out further the action is more of a sweeping motion back and forth, which works too! Move the bobber stop up or down on your line to see how your presentation looks in the water at the speed you're trolling. When the wiggle fin looks like it's giving the right action to your presentation then see how the fish like the action. You can always try different actions (close to the hook or out an 1" to 3") to see if the fish are liking something fast and flashy or slow and easy.

Also if you do check out the Wigglefin website they have a great animated knot section to show you how to easily tie difficult knots. I know it helped me on some knots I was having trouble with!

If you haven't tried them put some in your tackle box and the next time you're not getting any bites trolling give them a try. They're inexpensive and one piece of gear that I don't go fishing without.