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ActionDisc Product Details
Details for ActionDiscs and
all of our innovative tackle
and fishing lure supplies.


SlideLoc Stopper Beads
SlideLock adjustable stopper beads let you tune the action
of your lures.

trout baits

Photo Gallery
Trophy fish caught with our ActionDisc rigging system.


rigging action discs

ActionDisc Rigging Videos Instructions for bass baits,
trout baits, walleye lures, salmon lures, fluke rigs and more.

interactive knot instructions

Animated Knots
Step-by-step interactive animated fishing knots.

Including Egg Loop, Bobber Stop, Trilene, Improved Clinch and Rapala knots.

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action disc rigged super fluke


The Ultimate Swimbait



ActionDiscs will convert any soft plastic into an absolutly superior swimbait!






You get the true swimming action and strike triggering vibration of a crankbait... but you can fish it slow and twitchy on the bottom.


The Super Fluke above is Carolina rigged for Striped bass, but the basic technique is the same for any soft plastic bait.


The SlideLock stopper enables you adjust the distance between the bait and the disc allowing you to "tune" the action of the bait.


action disc rigged super fluke


ActionDiscs controll the descent of your bait

as soon as it hits the water, causing it to swim

to the bottom.




ActionDiscs allow you to fish at any depth in the water column. By slightly adjusting your retrieval speed, you can raise or lower your bait on the fly, allowing you to fish plastics slowly over all kinds of submerged debris and cover.rged




Bass Baits - soft plastic frog with ActionDisc.


View our Size Selection Guide to match the suggested size disc with the baits you use.

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Rigging without weight.


When you rig without weight for top water baits

(floating worms, plastic frog etc.) use a

SlideLock stopper (as shown) to keep the disc from

sliding up the line on the cast.


The clip of the plastic frog on the right shows how much

erratic swimming action the disc provides, even with a

very slow retrieve .

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