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ActionDisc - Rigging Salmon Lures

This rig allows the motion created by the disc to be transferred directly to the hoochie or buck tail resulting in a natural swimming action.


Rig the bucktail or hoochie using a SlideLock adjustable stopper as show in the photo below. When you are ready to fish, test the action by dragging the rig next to the boat at trolling speed.


Adjust the stopper to position the ActionDisc closer or farther from the fly until you get the action you want.

Bait Head with ActionDisc.


Anchovy Rigs


Use our series II ActionDiscs to add deadly action to your favorite rotator head or cut plug herring rig. Use our SlideLock adjustable stopper to space the disc 4" to 6" ahead of the bait as shown in the photo below.


The disc adds a vibration that causes the tail of the herring to shudder with a natural swimming action and will not interfere with the "roll".


The frequency of vibration created by the ActionDisc attracts salmon from long distances even in heavily stained water or low light conditions when trolling deep with your downrigger.


Salmon flasher - Swarm trolling flashers


This nice King was taken out of Brookings, OR on 8/1/2013 by Mike St John

with our new Swarm™ flasher and a

ActionDisc II / Anchovy roller rig like the one below.

record salmon

Salmon Record


November 17, 2008 Åmål Sweden

Johan Cederborg caught the 26.5 lb Salmon below on Vanern Lake using a bait holder rigged with an ActionDisc series 2 (similar to the one shown above).

The fish was the biggest salmon caught from lake Vänern during the 2008 season and is reported to be a new Åmål record.

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