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How to Rig Tube Baits for Trolling

Trolling with Tube Baits

Using Tube Baits for trolling is probably the best kept secret in the angling world.

The key to this rig is getting rid of the lead head jig hook and moving the weight up the line. This allows the tube bait to move with a fluid, undulating swimming action. You can use a wide gap Octopus or offset worm hook for better hook-ups.

This rig can be used for Trout, Salmon, Kokanee, Walleye, Stripers, Wahoo, Snook, Dorado...

The following photos show step-by-step how to build this rig. I use a worm threader for speed but it is not required.

  bass baits, rigged with ActionDis

ActionDisc trout tube bait

1) Add a sliding weight or egg sinker to your line

ActionDisc trout bait step 2

2) Slide the ActionDisc on the line

ActionDisc trout bait step 3

3) Add a SlideLoc stopper bead

ActionDisc trout bait step 4

4) Run the worm threader through the tube bait

ActionDisc trout bait step 5

5) Feed the line into the threader tube

ActionDisc trout bait step 6

6) Grasp the tube bait firmly and remove the threader

ActionDisc trout bait step 7

7) Add a plastic or foam bead to keep the hook from pulling through the tube...and tie on the hook

ActionDisc trout bait step 8

8) Slide the tube bait over the bead and hook and the rig is complete.


9) Adjust the ActionDisc closer or farther from the bait using the
          SlideLock Stopper until you get the best action for the Tube Bait.


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