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walleye and kokanee jigs









SoftFloat Jig Heads

Custom painted soft-body floating jig heads.


Hand made in the USA, the hook eye on each of these premium jig heads are burned open.



Combine with our ActionDisc series I to create a
wide range of worm harnesses and spinner rigs for Walleye and Kokanee.

(#2 bronze Mustad hook)

- Package of 12 - $8.00


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KoKoBug - Kokanee Lures

Tied on our custom painted soft-body floating jig heads, KoKoBugs feature a Spandex fiber tail that can stretch 3 times it's length without breaking like rubber. Krystal Flash fibers in the tail add sparkle.

Now availabel in Pink and Purple

Chartreuse and Blue comming soon

(#2 bronze Mustad hook)

- Package of 2 - $5.50


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True Utility KeyTool TU247





Arctic Fox Kokanee Flies

Killer sparkle wing and with treble stinger.


7 colors


Each - $2.95


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