SwimFlex™ Titanium Leaders

Add swimming action to your Muskie, Pike, Lake Trout & Striper rigs!
SwimFlex Titanium leaders


Our new SwimFlex™ bonded-titanium 7 strand leaders are here! The worlds first and only leader that provides fully adjustable swimming action to your bait, meat rig or trolling fly.

The ultimate for Muskie, Pike, Salmon, Lake Trout and everything else with teeth.

The unique qualities of titanium make these leaders super strong while resisting  the constant kinks you get with steel leaders.

Ultra Bonded - No Slip & no Break!

Un-bonded Titanium leaders have had a bad reputation for failure in the past.  It was virtually impossible to crimp the sleeves tight enough to hold without damaging the strands of wire. The result was failure due to the wire slipping out of the sleeve or breaking due to the sleeve being crimped too tight.

SwimFlex leaders go through a unique bonding proccess that coats and binds the 7 strands of titanium wire together before the leaders are assembled. The proccess allows us to crimp securely to the bond without damaging the wire.

Built in adjustable swimming action.

Each SwimFlex leader is rigged complete with an ActionDisc and SlideLoc stopper to easily change the swimming action of your bait.


SwimFlex Titanium leaders

Quick-connect clips 

Our quick-connect clips allow you to change flies or baits with ease or can be cut off and replaced with a snap if desired.


No final twist!

We build all of our leaders with premium quality stainless steel ball bearing swivels.